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Welcome to Squeaky Dog Toys a website about the dog toys, dog treats and supplies our Rat Terriers like most - here you'll find products we would buy for our own Rat Terriers

I hope that like use you love and treat your dogs like beloved family members and that you believe they deserve the very best care, the best toys, food and products available. 

Squeaky Dog Toys

Our dogs enjoy playing with squeaky toys and it's very possible that yours will too. As our dogs chew on the toys they make squeaky noises that excite them and encourage them to keep on playing. Bowie loves to play with squeaky balls and will initiate one of our play sessions by throwing the ball down at my feet, backing away, sitting down and staring at me, anxiously waiting for my next move. Sometimes we play a little game of kick-ball where I kick the ball far away and she tries to catch it as it flies through the air. We buy squeaky dog toys for our dogs because they are durable, because we can use these to play with them both indoor and outdoors, and most important because our Rat Terriers love them. Vinyl balls work best indoors - less chance of breaking objects around the house.

Kong Dog Toys

Kongs provide many hours of entertainment for our dogs (Bowie and Greta above) and I believe that these may also make excellent toys for your dogs. Kong dog toys keep our dogs occupied for hours and the strong and soft rubbery material these are made of helps keep their gums clean and healthy.

Dog Beds

We keep a couple of dog beds at home, one in the office and one in the livingroom. Our puppies love laying on these since this enables them to lay down in comfort close to us. Yes, just like us, dogs need an occasional nap and a good night rest. The picture above shows our baby dogs sitting on one of their beds.

Dog Collars, Dog Leashes and Harnesses

Does walking your puppy around the block seem difficult to you? Every dog breed and individual dog has a unique personality and temperament. What is important for you to know is that different types of dog collars, dog leashes and harnesses work best for different dogs. For example, while a choke collar may work well with some dog breeds in some cases these can actually be harmful to puppies and other hyperactive dogs like our Rat Terriers. Strong willed dogs such as ours are easier to handle using a harness and leash combination. You may also want to consider obtaining obedience training from a reputable training provider.

Dog Food and Treats

Our veterinarian once told us that we should feed our dogs a brand-name commercial food, formulated specifically for dogs - one which meets or exceeds all the nutritional requirements as published by the Nutritional Research Council (NRC) or a similar independent nutritional organization (you should always read the label). Even though all veterinarians can not agree on a single dietary product, most seem to agree on the fact that most of their diet should consist of dry food. Chewing dry dog food benefits dogs by promoting healthy teeth and gums. Finally, determining how much to feed your dog can be difficult. I was shocked to find out that one of our dogs was overweight a few months ago even though we had been feeding her the recommended combination of dry and canned food. Also, make sure your dogs get plenty of exercise.

Thinking of a name for your new female puppy?

Then take a look at my page of "puppy girl names". I know how important picking a good name for your new puppy is - for this reason I have compiled a list of cute puppy girl names to help you chose. Good luck on your selection.

Testing Dog Toys in Our Lab

On the squeaky dog toy lab page you will observe the demise many toys have met in our home while providing our Rat Terrier dogs many hours of entertainment.

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