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Booda bone dog toys and treats are made of high quality materials. Booda latex toys are easy on teeth and gums - perfect for older dogs. Booda velvets are made of corn starch, a popular alternative and with your dog's health in mind. Best of all, Booda dog toys do not leave stains behind. We hope you will enjoy our selection of dog toys and treats.

Bowie - our 2 year old rat terrier baby dog

Booda Bone Toys from PETsMART

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Booda Velvet Bones

These bones are corn starch based and a popular alternative to traditional chews. They are odorless and will not splinter or stain coats.

Booda Solo Tug Dog Toys

Multi-colored cotton blend tugs. Perfect for healthful games of pull and tug. As dogs play the cotton fibers clean teeth and massage gums. All are machine washable. Please replace when frayed.

Super Star Fiber Dog Toys by Booda

pull and tug. As dogs play, the cotton fibers clean teeth and massage gums. Just throw them in the washing machine to keep them fresh. Please replace when frayed.

Plush Hot Dog Toys by Booda

We've watched first hand as dogs go crazy for these Plush Hot Dogs! They "relish" the chance to chase them, fetch them, cuddle them and make them squeak. Dogs who are light to medium chewers will have a blast with these quality plush toys from Booda, a name you know and trust.

Booda Velvet Groovies by Aspen

Your dog will love the chewing satisfaction he gets from these new, Booda Velvet Groovies. Made from a biodegradable, environmentally friendly blend of cornstarch and other ingredients, these chews have a taste and texture dogs go crazy for, and they're odor-free and non-staining. They contain no animal by-products and all the ingredients come from renewable resources. It's a chew you and your dog will both feel good about!


2 Pack Booda Velvet Chips

other ingredients, with no animal ingredients or by-products. They're biodegradable and a great alternative to rawhide, rubber or plastic chews. Dogs love the long-lasting chewing texture and the unique flavors. They're odor-free, non-staining and resist splintering. As with all chewing items, please monitor your dog's chewing and remove any large pieces that may break off.

Booda Fresh N' Brite Dog Chews

Give your dog a chew she'll love, that also helps to keep her teeth and gums healthy. Cornstarch based chews are infused with a burst of minty freshness to keep your dog's breath smelling great. They're designed with a unique raised pattern that cleans teeth and massages gums as your dog chews. Reduces plaque and tartar build-up for a healthier mouth. Choose from several sizes, each sold separately.

Booda Yummy Rope Bones

Most dogs love rope bones, so imagine the response you'll get when you give your dog one of these flavored Yummy Bones. These sturdy cotton rope bones are infused with an assortment of your dog's favorite flavors. And chewing these bones actually flosses your dog's teeth and massages gums for better oral health. Choose from several flavors in assorted sizes.


Booda-Mix 10 Plus

Eliminates and prevents hairballs using a veterinarian developed formula. Natural fiber formula contains no chemical laxatives. Easy to shake on food. This size lasts about 3 months with average use.

Velvet Bimples by Aspen Pet

Velvet Bimples are the treats that meet both you and your dog's needs. Stainless & odorless, the grooved surface maintains good oral health through vigorous massaging of the gums. No animal by-products, cornstarch based. Resists cracking & splintering. Available in asst'd sizes & flavors.

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