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Here's what Greta has to say about dog beds!

We play all day long with our toys, with each other, and chase each other around the house all day long. Whenever possible, we play with Mom and Dad. After such intense activity, quite frankly I'm ready for a nice long nap. While to me Dad's lap is the safest place on Earth I really like and our nice dog bed to nap in!

Here's what Dad has to say about dog beds!

If like us, you have welcomed one or more Rat Terrier dogs into your family then you know that these dogs do not lay around all day - they will play with their toys and solicit interaction with you by either following you around, bringing to you and at times even tossing some of their toys at you. If you have a pair of them, they will entertain each other most of the time and eventually tire out.

Our Rat Terrier babies enjoy taking naps in a couple of places around our home. Greta prefers to take her naps close to where Evelyn and I happen to be in the house and most of the time that is in our home office, located in the basement. So we bought a nice bed for them and placed it there. Greta takes most of her naps there. Bowie on the other hand does split her naps between our couch in the livingroom and next to Greta downstairs.

This one I would buy for our puppies, great price and sounds very comfortable. I have bought others like this one.This bed is made of polysuede fabric on one side, and cozy berber fleece on the other.
Filled with Hypro-Loft fibers, an exclusive blend of virgin and recycled fibers that provide unmatched loft retention--will not shift or mat, allowing the bed to keep its shape. Cover zips off for machine washing.


This is the thickest dog bed I have seen and one I would buy for our Rat Terrier dogs. Looks and sounds like it could give any dog a good night's sleep. Seven inches of orthopedic foam and extra heavy sheepskin cover with durable cotton side and bottom panels. Has side zipper for easy removal of cover for washing.

Another cute comfortable choice I would buy for our Rat Terriers. This fleece bed is generously filled with incredibly soft, dense Hypro-Loft, a superior blend of fibers that retains its loft, does not shift or mat and keeps its shape during machine washing. The Berber fleece is extra soft and looks great in hunter green or blue. Cover reverses to striped cotton ticking and is removable for machine washing.

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