Squeaky Dog Toys - here is what happens to dog toys in our test lab!

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As you visit our site you will see a little dog paw icon around some of the featured dog toys and dog treats. I've placed the paw only where in our opinion a particular dog toy lasted a long time and provided our puppy girls many hours of entertainment. Here are a few pictures showing our Rat Terrier dogs hard at work testing their toys in our laboratory. As you can tell, they can work both, independently and as a tem quite well. Clearly, the football shown on the top picture did not pass our endurance test - it lasted less than five minutes.

Here's a picture of Bowie and Greta putting one of their toys to the test.

Here, and for your enjoyment are pictures - documented proof of results from other tests - more experiments gone wrong in our lab - enjoy!

Something went terribly wrong with this experiment. One moment Mr. Frog was having a great time with us and the next ... he was nowhere to be found. He lasted approximately two weeks. He will be sorely missed by all of us at Squeaky-Dog-Toys. Even though his stay with our Rat Terrier puppies was brief, the toy did provide them quite a bit of entertainment.

The faceless rabit. Perhaps in time, technology will help us restore him to have a face once more. Until then, he'll just have to stay warm in the toy basket.

The faceless lamb. Oh no, it will have to keep the rabit company.

Little man dog toy with mangled arm

This, believe it or not was a toy resembling a little dog. All the stuffing was removed through the opening on its back and torn rear right leg.

The little bear that could no longer talk - because they ripped off its mouth.

Another little man toy - these toys have actually lasted up to 3 weeks before getting torn in this fashion - our Rat Terrier dogs love playing with them.

The little dog that could no longer see, hear or walk - notice that the eyes and ears were chewed off as was the real right leg through which they extracted stuffing and squeaker.

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