Medicine and Dietary Supplements for Pets


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Here's what Bowie and Greta, our Rat Terrier girls have to say about medicine and dietary supplements for your pets.

Good diet and exercise are extremely important for your dog's health. On other pages in this site we have discussed how some toys like kongs can benefit your dogs health by promoting healthy gums. Here we talk a little about dietary supplements and medicine for your dogs.


One of our Rat Terrier dogs (Greta) sheds. To help control her shedding, we feed her a "Shed Terminator" tablet every day. We don't have to break the tablet down to mix with food - she will eat these right out of our hand. We order these in plastic containers of 120 chewable tablets each.

Dietary supplement

In addition to shed terminator tablets, we also feed our dogs "Brewers Yeast" natural daily supplement tablets with omega 3 fatty acids.

Ticks and fleas

Ticks and fleas are both a great source of discomfort for dogs and also dangerous to their health and that of humans. We always check our dogs for ticks after taking them for walks and apply a deterrent on a regular basis.

Here are some links to these products on the Pet Med website - this is where we buy ours.

Bowie - our two year old Rat Terrier

Medicine and Dietary Supplements for Dogs

Shed control in a tablet. Excessive shedding can be unhealthy, cause pain & discomfort, and lead to skin problems. Helps to reduce or eliminate unwanted shedding. Unique blend of vitamins and minerals are formulated into a treat that restores your pet's vibrant coat and reduces unnatural shedding.


8 IN 1 Excel Brewers Yeast With Omega 3 & Garlic is a natural chewable daily supplement that provides zinc and biotin for healthy skin and coat. Helps reduce shedding. B complex vitamins help keep coat shiny and lustrous. Natural healing properties help alleviate sensitive, itchy, and irratated skin.

Bio Spot by Farnam, for dogs under 15 lbs, is a flea and tick control that kills and repels adult fleas for up to 4 weeks, kills flea eggs and larvae for up to 4 months, and kills and repels ticks for up to 4 weeks including deer ticks, brown ticks, & American dog ticks. Protects against blood feeding by mosquitoes for up to 4 weeks. 3 monthly topical applications. Do not use on cats. Active ingredients: permethrin and pyriproxyten.

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